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New creation

Manzilo ki jeet me ya raasto ki haar me,

Entertainment 24*7

I was despairing of watching a TV News ch

Khoob kehte ho bhool jaaon main...

Kis tarah aur pass aaon main,

Sirf apna tum

दिन हुआ है तो रात भी होगी

दिन हुआ है तो रात भी होगी,
हो मत उदास कभी तो बा
its a festival season. Wishing all a happy diwali.
Congratulation to every indian for successful inogration of CWG. I Proud to be indian.
let's celebrate game.. decision is postponed..
Recent days are very crucial for every indian . time to be unite and brave..Ameen
I am in fear, God help commonwealth games..

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Profession : Corporate/Business/Professional
Birthday : Oct 15, 1988
Gender : Male
Location : Gwalior, INDIA

Blog is one of the way to express ur views in front of others.

If a comminity of peaople aggrees with u.That your oppenion is a public oppenion and u will be the voice of public. 

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