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Destinations: China (1982): Nanking

Proloy  Kumar  Bagchi
We were at Xian airport waiting for the flight to Nanking. After about a couple of hours we were told to get on to a flight that had arrived a few minutes earlier. All seven of us were bundled into it...

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The Falling from Grace

Moti  ----  Mudgal
The Falling from Grace
Yes! It is really a disturbibg scene that we are witnessing in today’s politics. The difficulty is that everybody and anybody who can challenge the framework of society and ...

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Decline of UPA and apprehensions of next government formation

Surendra  Mohan  Shukla
The 2014 general elections to elect the new parliament has already begun, build up to these elections started ever since the economic meltdown in India. The ruling UPA has been blamed as the chief col...

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Men, according to prostitutes

Prateek   Jain
An artical by Chinki Sinha,open
MUMBAI ~ The red of their lips was outlined in black. Kohl was applied carefully to accentuate the lips, give them shape. But they looked exaggerated. Comical, yet...

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Deepti   Sharma
पतंग; पतंग है मेरी लाल - हरी,; पिंटू की नीली - पीली; ऊंची उड़ती जाए हवा में; चले, चाल अलबेली; मटक - मटक कर कैसी नाचे,; उड़े हवा में - आगे,; इठलाए, भरमाए मन को,; इसके, करतब मन भ...

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Liking what you have to do

Pradeep   Khare
“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get”
― W.P. Kinsella
He was counted among the bright students in school. His parents tried to force their ambition of becomin...

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