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Mr. Narendra Modi's Travel Diaries

Kriti   Shrivastava
It's not that I am a person of great political reviews, but the National Elections this year was a head turner. From the start of the campaigning to the beginning of "Achhe Din", finally to the variou...

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Bhopal Notes-3: Crunch time for BRTS

Proloy  Kumar  Bagchi
Bhopal Notes – 3
Crunch time for BRTS
The Bhopal BRTS is increasingly coming in for criticism. In Bhopal Notes-2 I had written about a seemingly concerted effort by various departments, author...

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Caribeen Mangroves - Caroni Trinidad

Surendra  Mohan  Shukla
Trinidad mangroves
Trinidad and Tobago is an archipelagic state in the southern Caribbean just off the coast of Venezuela and Grenada in Lesser Antilles. Trinidad is larger Island while Tobago is ...

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'Bridge Course' for ISM Graduates ' To Bridge or To Create Gaps'

Dr S Ranganathan   S
Ever since the Ministry of AYUSH was formed, the MH&FW was mulling with the idea of integrating ISM with main stream allopathic system. To achieve the above and also to overcome the shortages of allo...

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The Melancholic mien of life.

Arpan   Verma
I believe in expressing emotions, situations. In this poem I have portrayed a situation which comes in everyone's life.Good situations are ample , off course I am talking about the melancholic one. It...

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International Yoga Day

Jagat  Singh  Bisht
Be A Yogi - Live To Love And Serve The World! ; Happy #YogaDay!!; Jagat Singh Bisht; Certified Laughter Yoga Master Trainer; Laughter Yoga International; Bangalore

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