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Two shining examples of sacrifice and charity

Rajinder Jit   Khurana
Who says that noble qualities of sacrifice, charity, generosity and goodness have gone out of India and the country no longer produces people like Danvir Karan* or Bhama Shah*? There are many glorious...

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Adore your daughters: Haiku on Daughter's Day

Lalit   Kishore
Daughter’s Day is observed on 4th Sunday of September in many countries. This year, it fell on September 25.; Here are some haiku as a tribute to daughters.; Adore your daughters.; They chang...

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Shabnam   Kumari
Women….; Who is symbol of strength and idol of; love and affection,; people make their wishes and get her; benediction,; who is symbol of elegance; and at the time of need proves her...

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जीवन दिखावा नहीं, सार्थक दर्शन बने!

Savita   Lakhotia
कहते हैं कि जीवन के लिए सर्वोत्तम मार्ग वह है जिस पर से होकर महान लोग गुज़रते हैं| कहने का तात्पर्य है कि सार्थक जीवन उन्हीं का होता है जिनके कर्म और आचरण अनुकरणीय हों| दुनिया की भलाई में ऐसे ही लोगों ...

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Predicament on Perfection

Urvish  Paresh  Mehta
A little imperfection is bliss. It atleast makes you realize that there is room for improvement. Everything can’t be perfect, and that’s where the adventure of life lies. A little mess etched on thre...

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Dr.rashmi  Salil  Kumar
; God is the magician and the splendid 'Painter' , ; So generous free magnanimously liberal....; Splashes of 'colour' ---adorn his massive 'pallete', ; As with penchant --He intr...

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