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Learn lessons from J&K floods to manage/handle national disasters competently

Rajinder Jit   Khurana
Furiously gushing flood waters in the urban localities and rural areas of J&K have left behind a bitter trail of death and destruction Initial rough calculation of losses of property and infrastructu...

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Prof. Prem  Mohan  Lakhotia
America can be in a way described as a country of cool patience, far above India which is country of stubborn tolerance (generally practiced by the weaker...

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Vote Jihad

Sasmita  S.  Akhtar
It was common practice to offer a princess’s hand in marriage to a King for political affiliation. Akbar knew that establishing a foothold in India would not be possible without the support of the Raj...

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Namita  Fanindra  Bhaladhare
I met you in my mind, ever wondered what I told you.; Mystery sympathizes with me,; Majestic power holds me in her arm,; Someone told me a thousand tales of life beyond.; How heaven and ea...

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ISIS pose a new threat in the Middle-East

Proloy  Kumar  Bagchi
These medieval marauding brutes of Islamic State of Iraq & Levant need to be stopped on their tracks. Working through a Caliphate these brutes are spreading death and depredation in the areas under th...

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बनाया था हमने जिस हिन्दी को भाषाओं का सरताज

Shabnam   Kumari
बनाया था हमने जिसे भाषाओं का सरताज,; अनसुनी कर दी है आज हमने उसकी आवाज़,; इस देश कि समृद्धि में जिसने दिया क्या-क्या योगदान,; आज उसे हम कहते हैं बेकार और बेजान,; हर क्षेत्रों और प्रदे...

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