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Bhopal Notes :: 50 :: Disappearing trees of Bhopal

Proloy  Kumar  Bagchi

I have already written about one of the more significant statements of Murati Bapu, the Hindu religious leader who goes about giving religious and ethical discourses drawn mainly from Hindu epics...

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Babri Dispute; 2017

Ram   Puniyani
Babri Masjid Ramjanmbhoomi Dispute: Need for Justice; ; Ram Puniyani; ; After the long wait, the Supreme Court Chief Justice J.S. Khehar opined that long pending dispute of Ram Janmabhoo...

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Waiting for light in her dark world.

Mahwish   Khan
A beautiful lady in a place so dark,; Waiting for someone to light a candle ; An instant beauty from his small spark; Wants her emotions for him to handle; She wants a hard hand with a fir...

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Pursuit into the Microcosm - My Mind

Dr. Radhika   Jonnalagedda
As I open my eyes and close their physical peripheries, the blink of eyelid slides me into yet another dimension. An unknown and an unexplored expanse.
The transition from a provincial precinct t...

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Life - A welcome vicissitude

Sejal   Khare
The day we take birth,; Our eyes we don't open;; We know nothing about the impurities of earth.; Then one day a gun shoots our mind ,; The bullet suddenly opens our eye :; We realise th...

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12 practical ways to overcome procrastination

Pradeep   Khare
In simple words, you procrastinate when you put off things that you should be focusing on right now, usually in favor of doing something that is more enjoyable or that you’re more comfort...

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