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Shamim   Akhtar
There was a very nice place in the middle of the city , where a poor boy from a humble family used to go with his father for cleaning the area. In that beautiful place was a huge building at the gate ...

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Think Globally, Act Locally!

Ahsaas   Verma
An ironical statement in itself, “think globally, act locally” quoted by Paul McCartney puts one into a dilemma. If one ponders a little prudently over it, one might think that a person with a global ...

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Lalit   Kishore
Paryushan is a festival of the Jains for eight days. It is the time when the followers take on vows of study of scriptures and fasting bordering home-based monasticism.
At the conclusion of the fe...

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An open letter to the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh

Rajinder Jit   Khurana
Dear Mr. Chief Minister MP,
This refers to the media report (August 25) "CM: No action on Nursing Homes in residential areas". Announcing your decision on the issue ( whether Nursing Homes should...

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A doctor who charges Rs 2 from each patient !

Pradeep   Khare
“If you want to serve mankind, go and work among the poorest and most neglected,”
-Ruskin Bond
Dr Ravindra Koelhe, MD, who has been serving the tribals of M...

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Namita  Fanindra  Bhaladhare
Was it me? Or Was it you? Or was I suffering from a hallucination? You univocally looked like a shining diamond.Puzzled by your aura I stared at you for a while. A bit ashamed and afraid of getting ca...

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