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Detailed Life style Profile : Abhinav Bindra
Describe this person’s Facial Appearance : -
Sensual: natural, glowingly radiant, attractive, seductive, alluring and divine

Describe the Physique: -
Greek-God: tall/chiseled/sculptured/stoic/imposing

Describe the Dressing Style: -
Dapper: effortless-chic/svelte/natty/will attract subtle eyeballs

What was the first impression you got about this person?
Reserved: dull and dry/reticent/stiff/high-brow/ cautious but not rude

What’s the Audio-Visual-Humor quotient?
Soft-Spoken: quiet/silk and honey voice/lyrical and rhythmic/literary/timid content-but music to the ears with subtle humor

How are difficult issues handled or unexpected situations addressed?
Analytical (searches for the perfect answer, the perfect words before reacting)-absorbs, reasons out

Lay out your perception of this person’s most Basic Instinct: -

How Passionate is the involvement about Health and Fitness: -
Power Sports/Yoga/Dance, Herculean Workout (even on sojourn), Gorgeous Body, Supremely Fit

Possible Cloned Internet-identities (virtual nom de plume) appear motivated by?
Can’t Say

Describe this person’s Lifestyle and Spending Habits: -
Mogul (ultra-flamboyant, sybaritic and lavish, craves extravagance, impulse buyer-opulent spender, big ticket fun and enjoyment)

What would best describe the Idea of a good Splurge (Holiday): -
Cognito: Culture, history, science, discovery, observatory, renaissance, heritage, palaces, museums, retro, art, soiree

What are the Reading Interests: -
‘Bindaas’- into zippy, zesty journals and frilly, frothy bestsellers to keep the heart throbbing, pulsating, rocking

How strong is the Substance Contact: - Liquor
Social Drinker

Is repelled by the flavor, abstains

No question at all! Would rather be seen dead

Describe the Foodfall:-
Royale (discerning, epicure, loves haute cuisine-his affordable equivalent of truffles/ foie gras/ beluga caviar, to stimulate senses for exquisite pleasure)

When visiting a Mega-Mall what is the more likely Shopping Priority?
Geek Gizmos, Nerdy Software, Bestsellers, Futuristic Technology

Can you guesstimate this person’s overall financial “Net Worth” (US dollars): -
Ultra-Millionaire ($20 million-$1000 million)

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