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Detailed Life style Profile : T R Baalu
Describe this person’s Facial Appearance : -
Rugged: earthy, sepia, weathered-subliminal sex-appeal

Describe the Physique: -
Massive: big/huge/abundant/on-State-subsidy-look

Describe the Dressing Style: -
Power-Dresser: crisp/customized/ formal/awesome/designed to demolish competition

What was the first impression you got about this person?
Glib: gift-of-the-gab/velvet and flowery/likes banter/pretentious/can’t be taken at face value

What’s the Audio-Visual-Humor quotient?
Animated: showman/spirited and energetic/overwhelming sound bytes and mega pixels/funny/roaring histrionics

How are difficult issues handled or unexpected situations addressed?
Argumentative (piqued, adversarial, truculent and pugnacious)- cold feelings, sharp response

Lay out your perception of this person’s most Basic Instinct: -
No Idea

How Passionate is the involvement about Health and Fitness: -
Happy-go-Lucky, Devil-may-Care, Lives like there will be no Tomorrow, No effort to be Fit

Possible Cloned Internet-identities (virtual nom de plume) appear motivated by?
Labha, Lure of money, commerce, fame

Describe this person’s Lifestyle and Spending Habits: -
Mogul (ultra-flamboyant, sybaritic and lavish, craves extravagance, impulse buyer-opulent spender, big ticket fun and enjoyment)

What would best describe the Idea of a good Splurge (Holiday): -
Incens-ual: Luxe, cruise, casino, calypso, sun-n-surf, shiatsu, aromatherapy, ayurvedic spa, bliss

What are the Reading Interests: -
‘Hookah’- imbibes a little of all, the dilettante, only to get an essential drag on what’s being published, what’s been happening

How strong is the Substance Contact: - Liquor
Social Drinker

Is repelled by the flavor, abstains

Would have (at the worst) experimented

Describe the Foodfall:-
Martial (craves luxurious cornucopia of rich meats and liquor, anabolic- for enhanced performance)

When visiting a Mega-Mall what is the more likely Shopping Priority?
Exotic Food, Vintage Wines, Rare Cheese, Chocolates, Delicatessen

Can you guesstimate this person’s overall financial “Net Worth” (US dollars): -
Billionaire> $1000 million

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