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Detailed Life style Profile : Arjun Singh
Describe this person’s Facial Appearance : -
Plain: common, average good looks, conventional-demurely desirable

Describe the Physique: -
Medium-build: Average height/slightly muscular/relaxed

Describe the Dressing Style: -
Dapper: effortless-chic/svelte/natty/will attract subtle eyeballs

What was the first impression you got about this person?
Cynical: secretive/suspicious/condescending/irreverential/petulant/sardonic

What’s the Audio-Visual-Humor quotient?
Mirthless: lackluster/monotonous tone/languid/sulky/unexciting/elusive on content/doleful/depressing

How are difficult issues handled or unexpected situations addressed?
Dodges (flummoxed, bumbles, passes the Buck, ducks the issue cleverly)-doesn’t share emotions

Lay out your perception of this person’s most Basic Instinct: -

How Passionate is the involvement about Health and Fitness: -
Grave, Pale, Withdrawn, Unfit, Suspect he even has serious Undisclosed Ailment

Possible Cloned Internet-identities (virtual nom de plume) appear motivated by?
Artha, Ego, jealousy, politics, hate, insecurity

Describe this person’s Lifestyle and Spending Habits: -
Oyster (stylish and sophisticated inside, intrinsically fun loving, but sober, subdued and wary outside)

What would best describe the Idea of a good Splurge (Holiday): -
Incens-ual: Luxe, cruise, casino, calypso, sun-n-surf, shiatsu, aromatherapy, ayurvedic spa, bliss

What are the Reading Interests: -
‘Hookah’- imbibes a little of all, the dilettante, only to get an essential drag on what’s being published, what’s been happening

How strong is the Substance Contact: - Liquor
Social Drinker

Is repelled by the flavor, abstains

No question at all! Would rather be seen dead

Describe the Foodfall:-
Martial (craves luxurious cornucopia of rich meats and liquor, anabolic- for enhanced performance)

When visiting a Mega-Mall what is the more likely Shopping Priority?
Designer Ensembles, Trendy Accessories, Tantalizing Lingerie, Signature Perfumes, Fashion Cosmetics, ‘Bloodless’ Diamonds

Can you guesstimate this person’s overall financial “Net Worth” (US dollars): -
Ultra-Millionaire ($20 million-$1000 million)

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