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"soul, mind, body" of Digvijaya Singh Share this page
"Soul" of Digvijaya Singh Scratchers GPR
70% 70% 70% 70% 70%
(7 out of 10)
  indicates GPR is currently below the global average
Global footprints details
"Mind" of Digvijaya Singh Scratchers GPR
62.8% 62.8% 62.8% 62.8% 62.8%
(6.28 out of 10)
  indicates GPR is currently below the global average
Global workplace details
"Body" of Digvijaya Singh  
What was the first impression you got about this person?
Warm: open/relaxed/disarming/ puts-you-at-ease/spontaneous/ candid/friendly/effusive
Global lifestyle details
Weaknesses of Digvijaya Singh  
AIDS (absolute indifference to deadlines, never punctual, chronologically challenged, toujour retarde)
Rip Van (astutely absent-minded, conveniently forgetful, assiduously amnesic)
VIP (very imperial person, colonial hangover, ‘servantitis’, feudal, needs minions for polishing shoes, shoulder-rubs)
Detailed Profile
Strengths of Digvijaya Singh  
Dispute Mediator(DM), has the knack for resolving inter-personal disputes and enimosity
Photographic Memory(PM), sees/reads only once and remembers
Financial Alchemist (FA), has the Midas touch, can generate big money from nothing
Detailed Profile
News about Digvijaya Singh Post News
Digvijay denies Cong high command summoned him....
May 4 2011 6:14PM

Digvijay now says he is trying to get phone records....
Dec 14 2010 5:46PM

दिग्विजय : गेहूं से क्रय कर हटाया जाय !....
Jan 1 2010 6:19PM

दिग्विजय सिंह के हेलीकाप्टर पर पथराव ! ....
Dec 2 2009 5:52PM

Digvijay wants CBI to expose people behind Samjhauta blast....
Nov 1 2009 6:12PM

BJP City President Sudarshan Gupta commented on Digvijay Singh?s jest....
Sep 22 2009 3:15PM

Digvijay Singh: Govt failed to check power pilferage....
Sep 21 2009 11:10AM

Digvijay Singh : Stop politicising development....
Aug 4 2009 11:47AM

दिग्विजय तीन को भोपाल आयेंगे !....
Jun 30 2009 11:01AM

दिग्विजय को चुनाव आयोग का नोटिस !....
Apr 27 2009 11:08AM

दिग्विजय पर मुकदमा दर्ज !....
Apr 23 2009 12:22PM

दिग्विजय और लालू के मंच गिरे....
Apr 15 2009 10:44PM

पीसीसी में दिग्विजय के खिलाफ नारे लगे....
Apr 12 2009 7:09PM

Digvijay Singh should contest general elections: Khan....
Mar 20 2009 9:45PM

दिग्विजयसिंह के मामलों की केस डायरियां बनीं अफसरों की मुसीबत....
Mar 16 2009 11:58PM

Digvijay: Terrorists' demands were rejected....
Dec 30 2008 3:51AM

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