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"soul, mind, body" of Benazir Bhutto Share this page
"Soul" of Benazir Bhutto Scratchers GPR
100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
(10 out of 10)
  indicates GPR is currently above the global average
Global footprints details
"Mind" of Benazir Bhutto Scratchers GPR
80% 80% 80% 80% 80%
(8 out of 10)
  indicates GPR is currently above the global average
Global workplace details
"Body" of Benazir Bhutto  
What was the first impression you got about this person?
Glib: gift-of-the-gab/velvet and flowery/likes banter/pretentious/can’t be taken at face value
Global lifestyle details
Weaknesses of Benazir Bhutto  
CT (Conspiracy Theorist,imagines plots when there are none)
SOS (Style over Substance)
ROTI(Relaxed Outside, Tense Inside)
Detailed Profile
Strengths of Benazir Bhutto  
Vigilantism and Social Activism
Historian and chronicler, digging from the past
Sketching, cartooning, Observing and Commenting on everyday life
Detailed Profile
News about Benazir Bhutto Post News
Bhutto was advised by US to hire Pak security....
Jan 2 2008 4:59PM

Bhutto, Sharif to go ahead with polls....
Dec 10 2007 4:14PM

Benazir Raises Political Pitch with Negroponte in Sight....
Nov 16 2007 9:58PM

Bhutto to unify opposition against Prez....
Nov 15 2007 12:22PM

Benazir Finally Says Musharraf Must Give up Power....
Nov 14 2007 2:18PM

Bhutto put under house arrest ahead of protest march....
Nov 13 2007 10:48AM

Bhutto's rally may be banned by Pakistan mulls....
Nov 12 2007 12:50PM

Benazir Bhutto Under House Arrest as Time Runs Out....
Nov 9 2007 5:05PM

Benazir calls for mass protests....
Nov 8 2007 10:15PM

Bhutto vows to protest despite police threats....
Nov 7 2007 4:30PM

Bhutto Cancels Dubai Trip Amid Emergency Rumors.....
Nov 1 2007 2:32PM

Bhutto Set to Visit Ancestral Home Despite Fears of Attack....
Oct 27 2007 12:26PM

Benazir Bhutto's probe plea is rejected by Pakistan ....
Oct 23 2007 12:32PM

Benazir steps up pressure on govt....
Oct 22 2007 12:15PM

Benazir Gets Sympathy Call from Condy Rice ....
Oct 21 2007 11:19PM

Benazir Bhutto blast reaction....
Oct 19 2007 11:36AM

Benazir Bhutto Returns From Exile after Eight Years to Pakistan....
Oct 19 2007 12:33AM

Benazir Bhutto the former Pakistani Prime Minister returns home today....
Oct 18 2007 3:38PM

Benazir Gets No Anticipatory Bail Prior to Arrival in Pakistan....
Oct 10 2007 10:56AM

Bhutto Confident of Power Sharing Arrangement....
Oct 4 2007 10:48PM

Benazir Off Hook by Musharraf in Political Deal and New Army Chief....
Oct 2 2007 11:03PM

Benazir Hopes to Enter Pakistan Unextradited....
Sep 15 2007 9:20AM

Benazir Cautions Against Emergency Declaration by Musharraf....
Aug 9 2007 6:29AM

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