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"soul, mind, body" of Maninder Singh Share this page
"Soul" of Maninder Singh Scratchers GPR
38% 38% 38% 38% 38%
(3.8 out of 10)
  indicates GPR is currently below the global average
Global footprints details
"Mind" of Maninder Singh Scratchers GPR
41% 41% 41% 41% 41%
(4.1 out of 10)
  indicates GPR is currently below the global average
Global workplace details
"Body" of Maninder Singh  
What was the first impression you got about this person?
Glib: gift-of-the-gab/velvet and flowery/likes banter/pretentious/can’t be taken at face value
Global lifestyle details
Weaknesses of Maninder Singh  
MP3 (manic possessiveness of people/ papers, monopolizes information to be indispensable, resists sharing with co-workers)
Sofa-cum-Bed (flexible spine, malleable opinion, willing to oblige-stretch, bend and be overruled, under appropriate pressure)
F-1 (jumps to conclusions, like a Formula 1 race car, indiscrete hurry, ultra-quick verdict, causes "foot in mouth")
Detailed Profile
Strengths of Maninder Singh  
Cooking and culinary
Classical Dance
Vocal Singing
Detailed Profile
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