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"soul, mind, body" of Shobha De Share this page
"Soul" of Shobha De Scratchers GPR
80% 80% 80% 80% 80%
(8 out of 10)
  indicates GPR is currently above the global average
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"Mind" of Shobha De Scratchers GPR
77.2% 77.2% 77.2% 77.2% 77.2%
(7.72 out of 10)
  indicates GPR is currently above the global average
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"Body" of Shobha De  
What was the first impression you got about this person?
Warm: open/relaxed/disarming/ puts-you-at-ease/spontaneous/ candid/friendly/effusive
Global lifestyle details
Weaknesses of Shobha De  
BJ (Bhut Jolokia, sharp tongued, choice of words makes his tongue explosive, like the hottest chili in the world from India)
DNA (dropper of names, is at ease only when famous ‘contacts’ have been cited)
PAQ (poor autoquette, auto-quotient, shabby driving/parking habits, will grab your space)
Detailed Profile
Strengths of Shobha De  
Piercing, Tattoos, Bizarre and Bewitching
Arts Master and Appreciator, Collector, Critic
Instrumental, Jazz, other exciting new music forms
Detailed Profile
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