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"soul, mind, body" of Maneka Gandhi Share this page
"Soul" of Maneka Gandhi Scratchers GPR
82.8% 82.8% 82.8% 82.8% 82.8%
(8.28 out of 10)
  indicates GPR is currently above the global average
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"Mind" of Maneka Gandhi Scratchers GPR
62.8% 62.8% 62.8% 62.8% 62.8%
(6.28 out of 10)
  indicates GPR is currently below the global average
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"Body" of Maneka Gandhi  
What was the first impression you got about this person?
Warm: open/relaxed/disarming/ puts-you-at-ease/spontaneous/ candid/friendly/effusive
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Weaknesses of Maneka Gandhi  
AIDS (absolute indifference to deadlines, never punctual, chronologically challenged, toujour retarde)
PDL (pet-doesn’t listen, allows pet to be a public nuisance, others have to scoop)
F-1 (jumps to conclusions, like a Formula 1 race car, indiscrete hurry, ultra-quick verdict, causes "foot in mouth")
Detailed Profile
Strengths of Maneka Gandhi  
Animal care
Vigilantism and Social Activism
Arts Master and Appreciator, Collector, Critic
Detailed Profile
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