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Ravindra Yadav
Profession : Corporate/Business/Professional Birthday :Jan 13
Gender : Male Location : Khalilabad , INDIA
'soul, mind,body'
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A gift of God,
a blessing to this earth
That is what I am.
A person of substance,
a person who matters,
a person who can make others feel his presence
That is what I am.
A person who learns from each day,
a person who has courage for facing each day,
a person who has hope for each tomorrow
That is what I am.
A person having a yearning desire,
to get more and more knowledge
from the ocean of wisdom
That is what I am.
Someone who can give to others
If not the moon, if not the stars,
If not just gifts, if not just flowers
But a sweet smile on the face
which spreads happiness as long as it stays
That is what I am.
And this is the reason
why I am the so happy always
When I am what I am.
I like to have as many friends as I can. I love them, trust them and consider them as God's special gifts to me...........
A friend is someone true and for real,
A friend is someone who means a great deal.
A friend won't hurt you,
A friend won't lie,
A friend will never permanantly say good-bye.
A friend is there through the good times and bad,
A friend is there to cheer you up when your sad.
A friend is always there with a shoulder to cry on,
A friend is always there that you can rely on.
So, friend if you ever need someone honest and true,
Just remember I will always be here for youv
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