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Thought of writing on "Lifestyle" but ended writing on "Rape & Capital Punishment"....!!!

Before I say anything which justifies the sentence or punishment given to a person who commits rape, let me first throw some light on this term "rape" and also I would like to share my personal views on it.

Rape or sexual assault, is legally defined in many ways in various jurisdictions. About 95% of reported rape victims are women. The assailant may be unknown to the victim or, more frequently, may be an acquaintance or even the spouse.

Women neither secretly want to be raped nor do they expect, encourage, or enjoy rape. It is always a terrifying experience in which most victims fear for their lives and it acts like a weapon that distorts a woman's sexuality, restricts her freedom of movement and violates her human rights. The rapist is usually a hostile man who uses sexual intercourse to terrorize and humiliate a women. A rapist not only violates the victim's privacy and personal integrity, but also causes serious physical and psychological damage.

Wait a minute.. Let me tell you first that I am writing against the notion of capital punishment but that doesn't mean I am writing against the women or in the favor of any rapist.

Let me exemplify before I define my point. Suppose a person under heavy stress commits suicide then what we generally call that person? If u all agree with me, A coward. who wasn't able to face the difficulties of life and struggle for his good but choosed the most easy way to come out of all this and that is to end his life which contains all the problem. Do any one among us will justify this act? or can anyone give-me a single reason which can justify suicide?

If not then what we are doing with that person who has committed such a brutal crime and we are offering him such a easy punishment which will end all his pains instantaneously with his life. But what about that women who was the unfortunate victim? She has to live her whole life with this pain and terror which may cease her self--confidence and even believing in herself. and in a orthodox society such as ours, she will never get back her respect and lost dignity. So who is the real sufferer then? To whom we are actually giving the punishment?
Please don't go by what I am saying but just deep in your hearts and mind think for a moment that what should be the true punishment for such a brutal act. Keeping the person imprisoned for life and making him realize every day the pain which he has inflicted on an innocent women or a momentary terror by hanging him up?

Women will not be protected by enacting laws and giving death penalty to rapist but by changing the general attitude of men in this country. This starts from home where parents should stop favouring boys over girls and provide the same treatment to both sexes. The relentless ogling and sexist jokes will not stop by hanging few men. Death penalty will not deter these men but a good parenting will.

Legal experts say that in many cases, the threat of capital punishment might encourage rapists to kill their victims in order to eliminate the prime witness. “I believe that the most stringent punishment possible must be applied in such cases, but in this case if you impose the death penalty, the criminal will have a motive to commit murder to cover up the crime and eliminate evidence,” said Rana Parween Siddiqui, a member of the Bar Council of Delhi who practices in the High Court and the Supreme Court and specializes in civil and criminal law. “Instead, the criminal must be given life imprisonment without the possibility of bail or parole under any circumstances and there should be chemical castration.”

The logic of awarding death penalty to rapists is based on the belief that rape is a fate worse than death. Patriarchal notions of ‘honor’ lead us to believe that rape is the worst thing that can happen to a woman. There is a need to strongly challenge this stereotype of the ‘destroyed’ woman who loses her honor and who has no place in society after she’s been sexually assaulted. We believe that rape is tool of patriarchy, an act of violence, and has nothing to do with morality, character or behavior.

Also our law is based on the basic principle of killing the crime and not the criminal and in cases where the law finds it impossible to separate the crime from criminal such as in the cases of militants who have been trained since their childhood with a motive of destroying mankind just for their selfish desires and who pose a great threat to our Nation's Integrity, constitutes the Rarest of Rare crimes in which a Death sentence may be passed to the convict and it may also be justifiable to some extent in case of Delhi rape case because cruel mad animals are not rehabilitated but If we practice this in all cases of Rape then I believe it would be an injustice to all those women who have to pay life long for the shameless ridiculously brutal act of a person who is no more now... Death penalty will be easy for them. If the victim is going to suffer for her entire life then why not the offender?

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