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Love Letter of a Wife...!!!

My dear husband..

On this wedding anniversary of ours, I wish to say something which I felt in these years living with you. Although words don't have potential to express the immense love I have for you but I want to give you a glimpse into my thoughts and may be your heart reads and understands the unsaid and unspoken meaning of my words also.

Before meeting you I always tried to know, to understand what is love but after actually loving you, I realized that love can only be felt and not explored. It is like the beauty and fragrance of flowers which is only felt and if one will try to discover from where it is coming, he will avulsed the roots and eventually destroy them.

The blessing God has given me in you is a very important one. Before I met you, I’d completely forgotten how to come out of myself and give myself as I am. Everything I had learned about human nature made me close in on myself more and more and give out only what I hoped would be of use to others. I never trusted another person fully and completely, and whenever I confided even a few of my deepest thoughts and feelings, I was severely let down. Having experienced this, I came to believe that true friendship is as rare as a diamond among the billions of rocks on the earth. Then someone – you – came into my life who is as pure and clear as crystal, as radiant and beaming as the sun, so precious and delightful that he seems not to be of the earth. And God gave him to me! You wouldn't believe,Vineet, how much good it does me to be able to write down everything that’s on my heart like this. Darling, my love for you is so boundless, so deep and urgent, that there’s nothing to compare it to!

I can’t say how thankful and happy I am that God has given you to me, my dear, dear, dear Vineet! It will be so easy for me to be given up on and misunderstood by everyone, now that I have you.

I look forward tremendously to always talking over everything with you and learning from you in everything. What happiness it will be to pray with you! What bliss to see your eyes; to look deep into them; to kiss your sweet mouth; to have you, my only love, beloved. beyond understanding, so close to me as my husband, my heart, and my better self !

My love for you is becoming so inconceivably great that I’ll be surprised if my earthly body endures its overflowing. But God will give me strength to remain peaceful in this joy too. May he bless you, my heart, and be close to you with his mighty spirit and deep love. For he is wonderful, and our counselor, strength, eternal father, and prince of peace.
This is just a short but warm word of thanks for everything God has granted me by sending you in my life.

Be happy, then, my sweetheart and delightful husband. I love you inexpressibly, inconceivably, unconquerably, unbelievably, and unendingly. We will nurture only the best, holiest and deepest feelings.


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