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May 17 marks the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha. Buddhism is based on the following four 'noble truths'.

1. Life is full of strife and suffering;
2. Suffering is due to desires and attachment;
3. Attachment can be overcome and desires can be limited;
4. There is a path for accomplishing this called 'middle path'.

The basics of Buddhism are summerised in the following sentence acrostic on BUDDHA by me.

B: Boddhi or enlightened one who
U: Uttered the words of wisdom and said that
D: Desires were the root cuase of sufferings and path of
D: Dharma was the neutrality towards dualities or middle path free from
H: Hatered and violence. For being happy, don't have
A: Attachements to worldly objects as they are transient and impermanent.

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Rajasthan ,  INDIA

I originally hail from Kurukshertra, now settled in Jaipur, and have taught physics in KV-2, Ambala; Mayo College, Ajmer; Sports School, Rai.

After working with KVS, Krishnamurti Foundation, Lok Jumbish, Bodh, CULP, UNESCO and UNICEF, these days I am doing freelancing.

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