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Lust, anger, greed, vanity, instincts: Haiku and doodles

Lust, anger and greed
degenerate and degrade –
make you devilish.

Overcome, regulate
your lower nature, instincts
to become human.

Lack of vanity,
absence of sense-slavery,
can make you divine.

Right action choices -
that is human’s sole duty,
remain equipoise.

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Lalit Kishore


Rajasthan ,  INDIA

I originally hail from Kurukshertra, now settled in Jaipur, and have taught physics in KV-2, Ambala; Mayo College, Ajmer; Sports School, Rai.

After working with KVS, Krishnamurti Foundation, Lok Jumbish, Bodh, CULP, UNESCO and UNICEF, these days I am doing freelancing.

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