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Positivism: Haiku

Couple positive thoughts
with affirmative actions.
Lead a happy life.

Use your strengths, virtues
to get into flow to grow
and gain life's meaning.

flourish with happiness
for your optimal well being
nurture warm relations.

with creativity,
temperance and optimism,
nurture higher self.

Emote, smile, engage -
relate positively
for meaningful life.

Follow not the fads
Be content with wherewithal
Study, work hard, be frank.

Deny luxuries
Seek not wealth, gains and comforts
Think, create, care and share.

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Lalit Kishore


Rajasthan ,  INDIA

I originally hail from Kurukshertra, now settled in Jaipur, and have taught physics in KV-2, Ambala; Mayo College, Ajmer; Sports School, Rai.

After working with KVS, Krishnamurti Foundation, Lok Jumbish, Bodh, CULP, UNESCO and UNICEF, these days I am doing freelancing.

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