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Today's poetry: The shorter the better

These days very short verses are becoming popular on instagram and facebook pages. Generally, such verses are written in the typewriter font as pattern poetry.

In the virtual space, the maxim is that the shorter the verse, the more the viewers. Such verses are more of a string of thoughts with primitive simplicity but modern appeal.

Moreover, the verses are being written with a paper-texture background and look like a quotation in the free-verse format. Further, most of spiritual and paranormal verses are in the form of instagram poems.

The inset pictures exemplify such verses along with the ones given below.
Don’t lip-lock
rather free your lips
to smile broadly
and win
one and all.
If you
realize not
your innate potentials,
if you foster not,
and nurture not
your potentials,
you then commit a
crime against yourself -
a heinous self-crime.
Preying is the
Competition market
ruthlessly on us
as money mongers
since parents and society
have no time
for their children.

And, children
under the pressure of
Mis-education and
insensitive upbringing
committing suicide.

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