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Should a 12th pass person me HRD Minister?

These days, a lot of debate is going on whether Smriti Irani should be HRD minister in Modi ji led government? This question was first raised by the Congress party.

I felt compelled to share my personal views about this issue. But before commenting on this “debate”, I would like to share the education history of my family first to have a clearer understanding of what education means.

My grandfather was almost illiterate. He just had basic madarsa education and was able to write a few words in Hindi. He had three daughters and one son. Since in those days girls used to get married early, three of my father’s sisters were married off and my father was “directed” by my grandfather to study. In his small town in Chapra (Bihar), my father was very reluctant to study since amongst his peer group no one studying irrespective of caste and religion.

My grandfather was very tough and he used to beat also so that my father does not bunk classes. And finally in 1955 my father topped Patna University in M.A. (Political Science). As far as we know, he was the first Muslim ever to top the Patna University and later he became a civil servant in Bihar.

My father in turn allowed me to pursue my passion of solo riding in the Himalayas and photography, but not at the cost of neglecting my studies. I did my M.A (Sociology) from JNU and now I am besides being a blogger, author, biker, and photographer an IAS (allied) officer.

Had my grandfather who was illiterate, not had the vision and was not able to understand the relevance of education, neither my father nor me could have been educated persons.

Now, when I look back, the major turning point of my educational career was JNU. So with all due regards to the higher education without which academics can’t flourish, I would like to remember my foundation days in school.

I have always studied in government school starting from the famous Zila School Chapra (where even Dr. Rajendra Prasad, our first president of India also studied) and then I moves along with my father’s transfer to Dinapure Cantt Patna. I did my Matriculation from Baldeva School Dinapure Cantt in 1985.

The teachers were not only dedicated people but were also loaded with Indian values which they used to share with us. The recess time was informal and all our questions were answered. For the weak students they used to take extra classes and I never needed to go for any tuition or coaching.

Besides, Moral Science was a compulsory subject and Social Work was integrated in our training. Bihar used to be very flood prone (that it continues to be even today), and at the time of flood, our school used to form teams of students and teachers. We used to collect donations from shopkeepers, home and almost everybody walking on the road. The people were generous enough and we used to collect enough donations. Then we used to procure “Sattu” (flour of various grains) and we used to pack them day and night. After that our team used to go to the flood affected areas in boats and distribute the food articles along with drinking water to them. This was an annual affair for us.

The students were also encouraged to work in the school garden to take care of the plants.

Today, I am indebted to JNU for making me what I am, but had I not been to those Schools in my matriculation days where I not only received the good education but also inherited our Indian values of compassion, I probably could not even be writing this blog.

In my humble opinion, our nation needs good primary and secondary school education first where we can introduce moral science and our Indian value system into the young minds. Without proper basic education where we impart the idea that education is not only a craft to earn a living, but it is also to make us better human being, higher education would be irrelevant.

Coming back to the debate as to who should be our HRD minister and what should be the qualification, I just would like to know that after our first education minister Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, who else has contributed anything towards making our education system better?

And if qualification matters, was there any other premier in the world more qualified than
our previous Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh? What has been his contribution towards anything in such a long tenure?

From our Leader, all I expect and hope is the will to work for a better India and integrity. The life of Ms. Smrity Irani is a glaring example of will power and she is truly a self made person.

I extend my support to her and I hope that she will deliver. Lets give her chance.

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