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3 idiots only reel or real?

3 idiots move is creating a record of sorts. Makes one feel very good- wow if so many people are seeing it more than once that definitely means the message is getting home. But is it really?
We are working in this sector since the last 5 years- more specifically I am associated with Aadhar Centre in Bhopal which is dealing with Career testing and Career counselling for students. I was so elated at the success of this movie because I erroneously believed that now parents will not pressurise their children for only a few selected careers and most importantly students will have the fundamental right to choose their career and know what to do.
But after talking to a few parents the feedback received was that the movie is good but it does not apply to real life it is only reel life.One mother was more specific when she explained to me that we have to prepare our child for IIT- so what if he is only in the 6th std and an average scholar- he has 5 years to prepare!
It made me wonder- how many more movies need to be made to get the message across or sadly how many more lives will be sacrificed at the altar of prestige, security and other things parents and students see for themselves in a career.

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Developmental pediatrician in charge of Child developlmental division at Aadhar Centre for child development and psychological counseling at Bhopal.

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