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A True Human Life

A True Human Life

The pearls of wisdom can never lie.
After the dreamy nights, encouraging morning will arrive.
That will shine the face with smile.
The day begins with the rituals of God, Who has awarded us with power.
He crafted us as a candle,
To bring back the lost glitters in others’ gloomy life,
We all deserve happiness, but some aren’t so fortunate to find.
Admired by greenery & chirping of birds,
My soul inspires me to fly high…high in the sky.
Reaching towards the destination where soul feels fresh,
God has given all of us a gift
that we never utilize.
It’s love in heart to enlighten others,
By sharing God’s gift, we will have a True Human Life!

By :-)
Vishal Bhambhani

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Vishal Bhambhani


Madhya Pradesh ,  INDIA

Hello! My Dear Friends, Colleagues & of course 'Strangers', who don't know anything about 'Me'...?

Hi! I'm Vishal Girdharilal Bhambhani, age 22 years. I'm a management aspirant. I completed my graduation in B.B.A. Right-now, I am doing MBA! I wish to remain silent as much as viable. My friends, colleagues & parents are afraid of this nature. Occasionally, I'm being witnessed as bubbly natured guy. Though, I'm very helpful to everyone. I have never desired anything from GOD for me. I used to pray solely for my family, friends & needy people. This is because GOD has presented, gifted me every sort of benefit that I want & an unsatisfied fellow looks for. Blogger's Park is a really very new-experience & journey for me. I hope, I could contribute my best. At Last, I'm thankful to Blogger's Park & to GOD who has provided me with an intellectual platform.  This couldn't probably be over I promise you... 
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