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Life demands Change...

Life demands Change…

Often we use the term “CHANGE” in a pervasive sense, though it has a very wide connotation. It’s too easy to guide others saying, “Change yourself”. However, this “CHANGE” demands a lot of courage, patience and labor when it comes to implement. I observed so. I’m not kidding. I have experienced it. One day, I found myself being whitewashed from the stiff competition. I saw, I’m declared worthless in life. I felt myself laggard. The onus of this ill-fate entirely I did on me. How it deemed to me is, when I realized the world is invariably moving ahead at a greater speed, it has changed vigorously there I discovered myself being lost somewhere else in dreamless world. 20years hence, I surmised the world is where I had witnessed it since 20years ago. Not unearthed any change in belief, attitude, passion, willingness and courage in any human. Nevertheless, I was wrong. Sorry! I had forgotten. I forgot, I observed the world by my eyes which didn’t perceive any change. Extremely sorry again! I was mistaken. If I haven’t viewed a change so, how can I comprehend any change? It doesn’t connote others were mulling akin to me. I can be narrowed by mind but others didn’t. If, I hadn’t gone away from my home doesn’t sense others also did alike. Today, when I moved outside the home, I confronted innumerous changes, met well-versed people settled in their life some of them were my nearer. I felt, I did nothing for last 20years. All went in vain only-and-only due to my ill attitude towards life and I neglected all change comes to. I cried. I was infuriated. I found myself alone. Though I wasn’t the beginner and don’t want but the change that took place forced me to become a beginner. Yet I have to accept the bitter change, which is already changed with the time. My past has passed in futile. My present is suffering due to my futile past. The change is that I’m penalized as I haven’t given space to myself to allow any change in me with the age. Aftermath of this certain tragedy, I learnt genuinely life demands change. Without change life seems boring and fatigue. With change a human gets bold and feel refreshed. Always adopt the changes taking place in near by. Therefore always remember, “Changing the face can’t change anything but facing the change can change everything”. God has gifted us only life, so fill it with colours. Life is a river too which has many turns. So, enjoy each-and-every turns as these turns never return. Confront the change and feel the change. After all change is essential and most vital ingredient of human life to have and hence, ‘Enjoy Learning and Sharing’.

Vishal Bhambhani,
June 26, 2012

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