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'Cricketer Sachin' turned 'Centuries Shensha'

‘Cricketer Sachin’ turned ‘Centuries Shensha’

Hip-Hip Hurray! Hip-Hip Hurray! At last wait comes to an end. Moment of success had arrived at Shere Bangla stadium in Mirpur & kissed feet of Cricket Master Blaster. Friday, 16/12/2012 around 5:05PM another magnificent record inked in Indian cricket history. Master Blaster Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar finally managed to accomplish his maiden & most prominent 100th international century vs. Bangladesh during Asia cup. He batted scrupulously. While hitting each stroke Genius Tendulkar witnessed conscious. For last one year he was hassled aftermath of world-Cup where he scored 99th century versus SA (South Africa) on March 12, 2012. At present he looks lighthearted. He played a very natural innings. He was sanguine of reaching the milestone which he himself set & ultimately achieved. An iconic batsman probably ascertained the right time, right occasion, and right place & possibly grabbed the opportunity. However we all knew way of progress is neither swift nor easy. Same coincidence happened on the field with ‘little master’. Well he wasted many balls to attain landmark but within this tenure he hadn’t gave-up which is a good sign of great player to be emphatic in tough circumstances. He established a stiff benchmark through long uphill struggle for forthcoming generation. Indeed universally admirable performance rendered by this player who since childhood has devoted life for only game “CRICKET”. Now at the age 38, became a source of inspiration for young cricket aficionados whose ambitions are akin to be Master Blaster. He proved “Being an inspiration is somewhat different from taking an inspiration”. It is pre-determined whatever standard set by legend, to reach till here is not that easy for any batsman, almost 2decades may pass. Forthcoming cricket generation has genuinely hard nuts to crack if they desired to match the level of “Cricket Shensha”. If they wanted to be like Sachin they have to work like Sachin & adopt playing tactics that legendary batsman used to follow. At this fantastic juncture Tendulkar splendid piece of cricket reminded me of best lyrics “Aaj mein Uppar, aasman niche… Aaj mein aage, zamaana hain piche…” Today Sachin reached pinnacle by virtue of his devotion. All these constitute how passionate is he about cricket. Before I give rest to my words, kudos to “Cricket Shensha” keeps up the same spirit ahead as well. Good Luck

Yours’ Cricket Followers salute ‘You’

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