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For a better tomorrow

I can’t help saying, ‘worth of ‘Primary Education’ particularly in MP is degrading day-by-day’. Education scenario became needy of eminent teachers and path guiders. Education is solely considered mighty weapon to bring to the fore hidden talented brains, to contribute their vital role for country’s wellbeing. However today’s picture is not as such, is changed drastically. Our education system doesn’t guarantee complete literacy. Moreover, it is now known to be ‘Money Minting Business’.

According to recent report by state government reveals, 13% less children can only recognize alphabets. Primary education, which is foundation of child’s education, is in a shambles. State government itself accepted, all there schemes are flop. While describing the facts, state education minister declared, there has been 17% decline in number of children from class I to IX, who could recognize digits. In 2008-09, 82% children were able to identify numbers but in 2010-11, only 64% children had the ability to recognize numbers. Even the massive fund, invested under ‘School Chalein Hum Abhiyaan’ all went in vain. On the name of education plans state government had misused huge wealth. I used to wonder how Parent’s hard-earned money smokes away like anything. These leave behind an answerable question mark over our ‘Education Framework Guidelines’. Thereafter, the teachers too are in the dock, sharing the same fate, are teaching on frameless doctrines. If the students’ prime base will remain baseless then, how could they compete with stiff world? How could they confront challenges…? World is economically, technically, socially demanding multitasking personnel. As compare to above piece of information, the latest education method encompasses outdated features. An abyss of ignorance and despair could be witnessed.

It is said, the teacher plays a leading role in child’s life after parents. Teacher can only mould child on true path to realise his/her ambition. A student spends much of his/her time in school rather than at home. A school is said to be his/her second home. However, a time had passed by, where the teacher used to give equal attention on every student’s performance whether excellent or weak in studies. Contrast to this, today only some brilliant students are managed to endear themselves to their teachers. Weak and helpless students are deprived of loving and caring teacher who must understand and lead them on a right way. As a result, weak students become embittered by teacher’s behavior. Rapport between Teachers-and-students as Guru-and-Shishya is not as good as it was in the past.

Notwithstanding within time lag it’s a good sign at last ‘State Education Association’ self-introspected ‘where they went wrong’. I believe soon they will come up with certain highly proficient measures to overcome the crisis of well-educated system in state. But it is not the end. Our support to uplift government’s policies is must. If the government can think for creating better tomorrow then, why should we (the Educated Citizens) remain far-off in sustaining this mission? Let us contribute our role by directing such helpless children nearby us, so that they will be able to sow a seed of ‘Development’ which would result in ripening ‘Literate India’ because ‘if Indian becomes literate, India will grow (Padhegaa India tabhi to badhega India)’. That’s why we urge ‘Knowledge is power’. The only condition is, students must equally participate with teachers and teachers with students. Enjoy Learning and sharing.

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