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Each-one of us is an Example here...

Each-one of us is an Example here...

It is well-said, “First impression is the last impression”. If we practically try to go into the depth of this thought, we will realize each-one of us is an example for each-other. How?
Daily, we’re being watched by the thousand different eyes. Similarly, we also individually watch many people around us every day. What are we doing in each other’s life have we ever tried to know..? Answer is: We are setting an example about ourselves. When we interact with or look at one-another, either we come closer or else get distant from each-other. This all becomes possible because of our thoughts which steadily-steadily draw the picture our image in one’s mind.

If we are good to others, others will definitely like to be with us. Or else we know the results

What I want to say is that our every act (whether positive or negative) before others is creating our image in their mind. Unlike the philosophy of Science works the philosophy of Spirituality. Where, Science says opposite poles attract and same poles repel each-other. On the contrary, Spirituality says same poles attract and opposite poles repel each-other. It means, two positive people can create optimistic ambiance around them. Whereas, two negative people would always create negative atmosphere around them. In other words, we can say, “Negativity attracts Negativity and Positivity attracts Positivity”.

Now, I hope, it is quite clear that who we are and what are we doing here. We all are sent by
the God on this holy earth as an example which depicts life has different facets which can easily be identified in the form of different human beings.

Vishal Bhambhani

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