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Three Idiots: Thakrey, Modi & Bachchan

Mr. Thakrey, do you realize you are the biggest idiot of all?

If you don’t you should.

Take example from your own cousin state Gujarat, can you see their progress? Can you see their vertical growth?
Did you ever contemplate of having a round table conference to contemplate the growth factor of Gujarat?

Apart from Narendra Modi – the second idiot, the reason Gujarat is flourishing as a state is their all-encompassing attitude.
Do you realize that the third idiot and second idiot have joined hands in promoting Brand Gujarat. Yes! Amitabh Bachchan who has previously endorsed Uttar Pradesh has now taken the lead to endorse Swarnim Gujarat on the completing of 50 years of the state.

The second idiot is a thorough Gujju business mind. He rides on the wave and uses the popularity of the third idiot (Amitabh Bachchan) to his benefit. You either ignore or chastise this third idiot, who has been living so close to you in your own city.

The third idiot is the cleverest of all, he takes a non political stand most of the times in politics itself. Having been the closest friend to the likes of Amar Singh, he endorsed a state that has been an epitome of corruption and crime. Now he moves on to endorse a state which has been an epitome of success and growth. And guess what? He is doing it free of cost. This is a tight slap on the face of Maharashtra!

Mr. Thakrey you need to get some learning. Repeating words like Marathi Maanoos, Amchi Mumbai, Mumbai for Maharashtrians will not help! If you want to sustain turn your outlook cosmopolitan in nature and start accepting all as Indians.

Mr. Thakrey! Please start working on your idiocy before India Inc. rejects Maharashtra as a biased state. Already firms have started heading their capital investments in Gujarat basis the political turmoil in Maharashtra.

Its high time Mr Thakrey. Please start amending your ways before the other two idiots prove you the worst of all!!!!

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