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A milestone in the journey of my writing ventures

Time fleets and we don't even come to know how far we have come if we turn back and see a distance of miles and miles is visible and felt but somehow socialmedia has tried to shorten the physical as well as spiritual and emotional distances- this is what I feel.When I started writing online years back it was by chance, a time-pass or just a thoughtless endeavour and later it even became a media for me to impart values- greater values to my child's life as well.I am calling it thoughtless and by chance incident because I encountered it when my son won a special prize owing to his Goodluck in a competition named "Young Global Leaders Contest" which was a collaborative effort of few newspapers and on their site that is both me and my son started hit and trial things as we were not aware what it actually is but gradually both of us grew with its gradual growth and passing years and faced many changes ,ups and downs including change in my thought process,writing style and many other things...The credit of which goes first of all -ofcourse, to the site,intrusion of N.Daishonin's Buddhissm and few my writer friends (Prof. Lakhotia, Mr. Tara Patkar).Their intervention brought a major change in my life.That,s just a beginning I know...
and today what I actually want to share with you all is when my joy knew no bounds on this journey -when I felt I have reached a milestone- It was the time when one of my son's friend flashed a message" aunty your poem (ज़िन्दगी शून्य सी
बिना इकाई
अनंत अपार सी )." IS VERY GOOD."seeing her age I was wondered what she liked about the poem so I threw a question at her" kindly let me know how did you like it? In her reply she sent me a page long interpretation of hers about the poem which made my tears roll down my cheeks it was;""Poem starts with the line meaning that life is like a zero. But at the same time it says that life is
infinite. Zero and infinite seem to be two opposite concepts. But this poem talks about life as
zero and infinite at the same time, because I think, it wants to show the infinity in the zero. Life
is infinite, as is zero. Write the zero once or thousand times, the value of it will be zero. Contract
it, or expand it infinitely, it still remains zero. Add as many zeroes as possible to the ‘right side’
of a digit, it becomes infinite too. Add zeroes to the ‘right side’ – right path, right values, right
experiences, right things, and your life becomes infinite.
But add the same zero to the left of the digit, the zero has no value, nor does it add to the value of
the digit. This digit is in mathematical terms the unit – इकाई. Whenever this unit is with the zero,
zero stops being infinite and stops giving the infinity. This इकाई, according to me, can be all the
things which hold us back, and all of them are created by ourselves. For example, there is some
beloved person in our life and we love that person a lot. Let that person be anyone – mother,
father, family member, friend, wife, husband or anyone. If we love them unconditionally, do
something or the other to make them happy without any expectations of returns, we make our
life infinite, and we make their lives infinite, too. Keep adding the ‘Zero’ expectation, it will
create infinite value in both lives. Even in the zero we find infinity. But if we add our
expectations, which is the इकाई here, our life is restricted, it shrinks. इकाई आतेही हो जाती है
बाधित सी. All the negative Karma can be इकाई. Not only that, the fear of death can also be the
इकाई. Because of our fearful and stupid thoughts, we forget about our real self, which is not our
body, but is our soul. We forget our soul and think ourselves as a body and that belief is इकाई.
Soul is infinite, it never dies. Body does. Soul can occupy as small space as a top of the needle,
and still it can expand to the infinity of this universe. This is the infinity in zero. Body is defined,
restricted, confined. Our Karma with the help of our body is the means to get connected with this
infinite soul. If our Karma is FOR our body, it becomes इकाई. When it is for soul, it becomes
infinite. The life is infinite, even beyond the horizon, only if not attached to an इकाई. Beyond
itself means limitless.
The beauty of this poem is the use of mathematics to explain life. Zero, infinity, unit (इकाई) are
beautifully attached with life. "- By Utkarsha

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