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हर पौधे में फूल है !!!

हर पौधे में
एक फूल छिपा है
खिलने को भी
समर्थ भरा है
पर !!!!
ये खिलेगा उतना उतना
हवा ,पानी ,सूरज मिलेगा
इनको जितना जितना !!!

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Jyoti Verma


Haryana ,  INDIA

I am a teacher and very fond of reading , writing and Gakkai activities. My academic qualification is B.A-B.ed.I started my career in 1997 and worked with different schools- in Chandigarh and Panchkula .Presently I am working with SOS HERMANN GMEINER SCHOOL, VARANASI as Headmistress.I have been born  and brought  up in Amritsar ,DID my graduation from B.B.KD.A.V COLLEGE FOR WOMEN, AMRITSAR and married a Sales and marketing per.sonnel in 1995.My sole aim of life is to lead a dedicated and ideal life... 

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