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Astute Diggy

Digvijaya Singh is an astute politician.

He has left it to the rest in his party to fight the current Vidhan Sabha elections.

If the BJP wins he knows he did the wise thing not to plunge into the fracas.

If the Congress wins(he thinks that there is little chance) then in any case he is important because there are too many claimants and he will emerge as the compromise candidate.

So he has his cake and eats it too!

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Madhya Pradesh ,  INDIA

Senior Politician,General Secretary of AICC and former Chief Minister of MP (1993-2003).Currently in-charge of Uttar Pradesh. Hails from royal family of Raghogarh in Madhya Pradesh. Brother Laxman Singh has joined the BJP. Spiritually inclined and known for sharp wit and immaculate human relations.

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