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Gender- a tag imposed by society

Pink for girl and blue for boy,
Her birth brings in sorrow and he always bring in joy.
It is the 21st century but the story goes on even now,
When will our minds grow.
Boys are not to be fascinated by dolls,
And girls by the bat and ball.
Even if their interest pulls them,
We shove off their interests giving reasons lame.
If the husband stays back to tend to the family in the house,
The wife faces a blow of queries about her spouse.
Because the society grants the girl to stay back at home,
And men to show their skills at work.
A video gets viral,
One has the identity as it was but the other is left with nothing to tell.
A boy becomes a chef,
Unacceptable it becomes and he marks a cleft,
In the so called spot less image of the society.
Why can’t we pull ourselves free?
Break off this taboo,
When each of our lives are ruled by our own rules,
Then why do we have to pin up a rule sheet?
As soon as the child begins to breathe.
If the creator has gifted us the same hands and same legs,
Then who are we to impose this gender tag?
A boy can stay out till late,
But his sister needs to be back home by dusk.
Should we blame their fate?
Even after decades of independence,
We are still held captive by our self imposed fence.
We are still not free to do what pleases us,
We move in the direction pushed by society’s thrust.
Sex is acquired at birth biologically,
But gender is a tag imposed by the society.
If both the male and female canine can hunt equally,
As we say we are more advanced educationally,
But even then these animals without the knowledge of technology,
Are enjoying the true sense of freedom actually.
We need to put our words into action,
And then when we see the bright happiness in everyone,
That would probably be the most beautiful reaction.

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Angshumi Dutta


Delhi ,  INDIA

Positive thinking is what I believe in....because we are what we believe.An ardent admirer of nature and a lover of literature.I live in Assam and I am a student of Ramjas college, Delhi University.I believe life is like a canvas. It looks dull and empty but if  we splash all the colours we have ,on it.... It becomes a master piece!!

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