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Questions gone unanswered

It is said everything has a reason,
And nothing happens before or after it’s season.
But why do certain questions go unanswered?
Why do some prayers go unheard?
Our heart is meant to pump blood,
But why then does it involves itself in emotions that hurt?
Why does good end before it starts?
Our brain commands the whole system,
But why can’t it forget the past,
Unless the heart allows it to forget them?
Why is it more difficult to take someone out of your heart,
Then taking them in?
Why does it feel better to lose against your love then win?
Why does love fall prey to lines of division?
Why do we divide god with the sword of religion?
Why do some people become impossible to forget?
Whatever happens why do we name it as fate?

It is said stars cannot shine without darkness,
But why do some have only shadows as their share?
Why is heartbreak so sore?
When it is nothing we can touch or see….
Why is knowledge not as important as the score?
If I ever meet the al mighty,
I would ask him
Of all the pains that go unseen or is it he doesn’t want to see…….

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Angshumi Dutta


Delhi ,  INDIA

Positive thinking is what I believe in....because we are what we believe.An ardent admirer of nature and a lover of literature.I live in Assam and I am a student of Ramjas college, Delhi University.I believe life is like a canvas. It looks dull and empty but if  we splash all the colours we have ,on it.... It becomes a master piece!!

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