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The many facets of man

Man – a sea of vivid colors,
A blend of different aromas like that of different flowers.
He is born with a heavenly innocence,
No jealousy and no mood of revenge.
Slowly as the phases pass by,
Tearing away from all bonds and ties.
Me and myself is for what he cries.
Life becomes an answer to all questions,
And to lend every helping hand he needs reasons.
All the innocence recedes,
And negativity precedes.
Humanity has become meaningless,
He forgets the idol who carried him for 9 months,
And all her love, times when she kissed and caressed.
Now he looks for a weapon in his hunt,
For money and fame,
Considering her as a pawn of the chess game.
She sits in the corner and weeps at the departure of her life,
The failure of her reason to thrive.
So she cries and cries,
But he strikes hard for his goal,
As he walks past he leaves behind footprints of memories of his hard sole.
She waits with her eyes soaked in tears,
But he forgets her, mingling with his “peers”.
She lives her long wait,
He returns holding on to what he wanted to get.
But he finds her lying there,
Lying pale and bare,
Her grey locks scattered,
And her printed sari all battered.
He falls aback and gets the meaning of his life,
Giving her back her reason to thrive.
He hugs her and promises never to go wide and far,
Saying “I Love you Maa”!

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Angshumi Dutta


Delhi ,  INDIA

Positive thinking is what I believe in....because we are what we believe.An ardent admirer of nature and a lover of literature.I live in Assam and I am a student of Ramjas college, Delhi University.I believe life is like a canvas. It looks dull and empty but if  we splash all the colours we have ,on it.... It becomes a master piece!!

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