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Dirty Politics, Wealthy Politics

I was speaking to my friend Desi WhistleBlower, देसी चुगलखोर (let us call him DC, as he likes to be addressed) and discussed his take on the state of affairs in our country as we prepare to go to polls.

He made a very shocking revelation. I find it hard to believe. But, he is seldom wrong! He said that things in the field have gone from bad to worse. Corruption levels have not only gone up, they have gone deeper. It is allover the place he said.

The National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme has made every Collector corrupt, he confided in me. How, I asked. He said every Collector and CEO of a Zila Parishad is today used to comforts that were hitherto unheard of. The commission system is ensuring that nobody gets caught and everyone is getting a cut. Hundreds of crores are being poured into each district. I had a shock! Surely not all Collector? He said, practically all are in cahoots with politicians and junior officers. They dont even have to apply their minds. It is just happening. And that is why when Collectors get transferred, they get gifts from, not subordinates, but local politicians as well.

He said that if you see the declarations of candidates for the elections, 2009, almost all have been in authority or some power, maybe not of any substantial office, have not only increased their wealth by a say, 15% each year, leading to doubling of wealth, despite the downturn, their wealth has increased manifold-three times being the average norm.

He also said that he is upset about the lack of real issues. Only sensationalism is being resorted to. Like asking for Swiss Bank money to brought back. But will anyone touch these hot subjects once they come to power? Their own relatives and friends will ensure and warn them not to do anything.

He also talked of petty language-Rahul Gandhi being called Rahu-Ketu by Laloo, Sanjay Dutt saying he was ill-treated in jail because his mother was Muslim, his calling Mayawati-fit for jhappi and that he could choomo her......

About that bit about Collectors' being corrupt? Please, please, this cant be true! That would kill me!

यदि आप कुछ गलत देखते हैं तो आप उसको देसी चुगलखोर के ब्लॉग खाते में दाल सकते हैं- वह ऐसी जानकारी के लिए आपका आभारी रहेगा

Please write your story about Collectors who are not dishonest and the good work they are doing. We need to prove DC...yes Mr Desi Chugalkhor wrong!!!!!

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