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Autonomy!! Is it automatic?

Going by my regular routine of doing something "Productive" during my so called "VELLA" time has become a habit. Dance, Study, Act, Write, Read, Roam, Play, Sleep (okay! everything isn't that productive.. ) all come under the schedule I plan to follow. A warm sunny morning during the summer holidays, while I was wondering what could be more interesting than to take another lap of the sweet nap I just woke up from, i swing my head in a circular direction when I see an old, pale red dictionary, full of dust and scattered, rough pages lying by my side. My mum gets tired of telling me to go through the dictionary with more than a thousand pages and a ton of a weight, but I always come up with something more "Productive" to do as an excuse.!
"Why not give it a try.." I thought, but the idea was as boring as that warm holiday morning i knew and was also proven correct by myself. With a little reluctance and a lot of courage I tried to open that dictionary, using all my muscle power but after seeing the mosquito size letters I stood afraid of weakening my eye-sight even more. So yes, you guessed it right! I dropped the Idea of wasting my energy and thought of rather sticking to a more productive plan of resting my body into Shav-Aasana..!!
While having that brisk glance at the hard-bound book, the only word i could locate was "AUTONOMOUS", as heavy to digest as it sounds, the word was the culprit behind the dropping out of the "Productive Plan"!

Well, another issue that crashed through my mind was regarding the spot-fixing incident that happened recently! Guessing what would happen next, i prefer calling it "Guessing Game" or "Prediction" which I many of us would love. The Boasting you do when the prediction is correct and the walk of shame one has if it goes wrong! Life!! But the difference - we do it for fun! When money gets involved its referred to as "BETTING"! Perhaps betting is illegal in our country and legal in many other, but when the BET is played by buying the players and instructing them what to do by signalling them, is what steals the "Spirit of the game!" It proves how as one grows older, he/she forgets the moral lessons taught "Play for the spirit of the game, and not for money" ? I ask what is the need? Has greed really overtook the conscience, the guilt, the common sense of a mortal? Are we really on the developing path with the daily scams? With this incidence what i have to say is maybe yes, we are developing, but the "WE" includes just a minority of a group that contributes to about 60% of the GDP. The rest "Majority", comprising of the rest 90% of our population faces the harsh consequences and can never go ahead and come forward like this!!
This was an incidence at a national level which I heard, read and thought about and was not anyway linked to... but a similar experience of such a politics happened with me at a very remote level! While working on a local "Movie" project of which I am allegedly a part of as one of the asst. director. An acquaintance of mine also linked to the project, very concerned about me thought that I was a victim of Disguised Employment, i.e. i was being paid less than i deserved. So, that experienced, humble man tried helping me out by telling me ideas to extract more finances out of the production! What could bee more "Productive", i thought to myself and followed the instructions like an earnest disciple but slowly and gradually as the things started falling apart, I started to realize my mistakes.. GREED!
As a fresher, when my main motive should be to gain experience and exposure and seek more and more work and i am thinking about such a useless factor, "MAAYAAAA", the traitor! I spotted the politics behind and in time I had my parents to know about it!
The very next day i realized that the fine line between the good and the bad is that one moment which can influence your situation! The impulsive reaction without a thought will always lead us to the evil, while calmness and composure is required to use that Wit! I could actually relate to the situation of those accused of spot-fixing and understand that thought in ones mind! But what I have learnt is that AUTONOMY, is the ability to make your own decisions about what to do rather than being influenced by others..... So one has to be strong and firm enough in ones thought and know what is correct for everyone!
Remember: If you find Any Suspicious action or incidence happening around you kindly report it to the police, or some adult! Informative action is the Best action! Use your Autonomous Intuition and do what is correct!
And kindly go through the dictionaries too!! :P

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