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Think Globally, Act Locally!

An ironical statement in itself, “think globally, act locally” quoted by Paul McCartney puts one into a dilemma. If one ponders a little prudently over it, one might think that a person with a global intellect shall perform at a Macro Level rather than Micro to bring about change and benefit within the society. However, people tend to forget that Charity begins at home, therefore, the benefit a society might attain by empowering the grassroots, strengthening its base, educating the deprived and helping the needy, it might not achieve similar profits while targeting a wider audience on a worldwide stage. A simple instance of the same can be taken from history where Gandhi or Mandela, who come out to be as very scholarly individuals in their fields, who could have easily gone out to masses across the world to express their arguments and opinions against the different discriminations taking place against them and their community, chose to enlighten their own people to fight against all discrepancies. Not only in such freedom and racial struggles but even in business this philosophy turns out to be a boon. Glocalisation, a term that encapsulates the meaning of the phrase within a word was a method adopted by the International Chain of McDonalds, where they strategized to provide burgers according to the local taste of people. Interestingly, one might never get flavours like pork or beef in India and certainly there is no Aloo Tikki in the US! I personally consider that for one to make an influence in the society, no matter how small or big, one must create an influence within the people of the society. Think Globally, Act Locally!

“I alone cannot change the world, but I cast a stone across the water to create many ripples”
-Mother Teresa

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Ahsaas Verma


Haryana ,  INDIA

I am currently a second year student pursuing my Bachelors in Social Sciences at TATA Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Tuljapur (Maharashtra). I am a trained dancer who has his interest in listening to music, writing, reading and exploring places. I like to interact and talk with people irrespective of common interests, liking, disliking etc.. Understanding people and getting to know them better is what makes my day.  I am keen of cultural and co-curricular activities and like to explore my abilities. I believe in doing whatever best I can in whatever I am doing. My blogs might come across as childish and amateur, but perhaps I think that is how we learn. I am a complete foodie, a travel enthusiast and passionate dancer. I am supposedly fun loving and I would love to stay like that! 

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