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Kashmir: the way my eyes see it

It was September 2009 when i got the news that we are posted to Kashmir.I was very happy at the same time I had an uncalled fear of going to a place about which every person talks in bad sense.
We arrived at the airport and to my surprise we were checked from head to toe with a very suspicious eye,we somehow being a clean citizen managed to get out of the airport but that image will always remain in my heart how I was welcomed in Kashmir?

when we started the journey to our unit to my utmost surprise the only thing that i could notice apart from the beauty was the men in uniform and they were not standing very far from each other. I don't know what they were thinking but they made me think about the sensitivity of the place i was going to spend my next few years in.
I always wondered for me growing up in India and getting fascinated with army was one thing but what about these people who have spent their entire lives in between them.I wondered how will they react when they find a place with people wearing normal dresses.
What about those children who every morning instead of greeting their parents look out in hope that today the strike should not take place because they have hardly completed their syllabus. the girls who move out pray that their should be no violence or BAND till the time they reach their home.How will it be like growing up in fear? I wonder..... In search of the answer i have interacted with many Kashmiris and believe you me STRIKE IS ABSOLUTELY NOT WHAT THEY WANT they want peace to prevail they want a normal life where people should come to kashmir to buy their hand made products and hand crafted carpets.They want people to stay in their house boat and appreciate the beauty of Dal Jheel.
I love kasmir and people around and take pride in telling that they are an equal part of us and they are looking to expand their horizon of reach till kanyakumari....

lets give them a little hope that the future has some unfolded surprises for them...ameen

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A tourism graduate,a media professional and a proud army officer's wife. Knack to write and speak the heart out.I firmly believe that if you want a change you must initiate the beginning.Do not wait for the right time make one and see how everything falls to the correct place.

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