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February- The month of Love

Love is in the Air. The year has stepped into a lovely phase of itself. The matter of discussion here is "What is love". Real love, true love, eternal love, the love has evolved as the most pampered child of "Nature". Changed generations have changed notions, but the truth is same across all phases of time. What remains eternal is “love”. The philosophy of survival of the fittest suggests “adaption” as the best tool to survive in changing times. The “adaptation” means to change with the time. The contradiction here is that if love is eternal what is “change” w.r.t. “Love”. The answer is very simple and defines the basic nature of “Love”.
The love is unconditional and beyond social norms and has a permanent existence like “Soul”. The change is not in the feelings but in the way of accomplishing the bond of “Love”. Love is care and is evident in every relation not specified by any particular bond of beloved only. The love is symbolized by Care; the beloved ones are taken care of, in the best way, apart from the adversities faced by self.
The time has moved so fast to the present times that the melody of relations is lost amid the scarcity of time, effort and resources. In our effort to ensure the sustenance the life we have sacrificed the life oxygen i.e. “love and melody” of life. If we were meant to live alone than what was the need for man to be a social animal? We live among fellow beings having same type of lifestyles, problems and challenges to them. Even if there is diversity, it is not to be blamed, but to rejoice and learn. What actually happens is that, in good times we forget to share all the goodness with fellow beings and in bad times we look for support and company. The sense of achievement & taking relations in a for granted manner makes us behave in a way unlike our natural self. That is a basic reason for failure of love marriages too in today’s times.
The appropriate sense of realization here is that a relation is there when there is a human being. There is a human being behind every relation we hold. The requisite is to be human to that beautiful being who has blessed us with a bond and to regard his/her personality. We all have mirrors at our homes, what we look for in society is something like mirror image too. One who understand us the way we are and even if any improvements are suggested thereafter they are easy to be taken care of, as mutual understanding is already there. This mirror image understanding we look for in every relation.
The main problem for all these requisites of life is lack of communication too. We hardly spare time to talk about the bare essential aspects of mutual bonding in our surroundings. The time has come when among all natural and man-made hazards, solitude is emerging as a potential threat to life too. Stress, depression, suicides, increasing crime rate are all manifestations of solitude. On this valentine one loving pledge one may take is that we shall just not know but understand the fellow beings who are caring and concerned for us. Be the cloud who is wet itself and source of wetness too as time and death waits for none and delays in worth livable moments shall bring lifetime grievances.

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