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There is a state of existence in every way of life. Being women is entirely a different state of existence in our society. Sacrifice, patience, dedication, emotions, caring attitude is all what defines, being women. The woman is the source of fulfillment to the society, looking after the multifunctional needs in diverse roles. Apart from the traditional role of looking after the domestic needs present era of working women has added another dimension to these pre-existing roles. There is seldom any field where we do not find working women.
There is a price for every charm. A present day woman is intelligent, smart, beautiful, aware and active, willing to perform every role assigned to her. But all these charm is paid heavily by the women by being silent about all the adversities she face in her day to day life, both long term and short term adversities. The jobs, business and commercial activities were traditionally the arena of male gender in our society. Behind appreciation on a conscious level on psychological level it’s taken as invasion on sub-conscious level and the price is charged by seeking silence towards atrocities.
The saying says “behind every successful man, there is a woman.” But behind successful women what is the motivation? Women had always been self motivated and have opened new dimensions for her in every field. There should be dignity and respect for this courage by the society. But what comes in front is the crime against women. There is no law, execution mechanism or social binding that can change this scenario. There is only commitment with self/ willingness and self morale or ethics primarily which can change the scenario. All other efforts can be supplementary to this basic commitment.
The nature has provided us with beautiful flowers, trees and bio-diverse flora and fauna to make our living peaceful and charming. Women and womanhood is the source of charm and pleasure for humanity providing care and nurture in every way, be it mother, daughter, sister or wife. Since ancient times society has accorded dignity and respect to women but the open outlook was missing in those times. In present times the open outlook is there but what is erring is that it is coming at the cost of dignity and respect.
The desired change is challenging to all of us, change in mindset. The traditions, values and respect were the basic aspects and legacy of Indian society. This will be our endeavor that will decide that to what extent we may preserve our legacy and improve upon the state of existence in “being women”

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