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A Very Happy New Year to all the voters!
Voter, simply refer to the class who is not ruler/administrator. The task of voter is to cast vote to elect their representative to administer or govern. 2014 general elections are approaching near; India being a frontrunner nation in the class of developing countries the forthcoming Government bears a significant impact on national and international front as well.
The Government in India is a blend of politics, bureaucracy and institutional structures mainly framed since the British era. The political will is a very important requisite for framing, legislation and execution of any policy, programme or reform. Thus voting becomes a very important activity in this regard. The 21ist century voter is a voter who thinks, keep update of ongoing political scenario and analyze it as well. While this is always an easy option to stay in the comfort zone for voters and that goes for favor of old and established political parties. The new political parties have their own vision and as the politics is an area where a good establishment is very essential, time is needed for new political parties to set up. The political campaigns, huge election expenditures, promotional measures to attract voters, debates, discussions and efforts to stay in highlights of citizen, usage of common and basic communication to relate with citizens is all what goes around these days.
The politics in majority is disliked part of our society. It is marked by corruption, opportunistic attitude, self interest and self centered egoistic approach. As it is difficult for a common citizen to become a politician so it is to choose one. Being a citizen of developing democracy we deserve a Government i.e. not marked by its legacy of past establishment or opportunistic attitude but the Government i.e. responsive to the needs of Nation and citizen friendly. However it’s an idealistic perception in the present political scenario. But still we can make the best possible choice out of available options. The good Government can make the country progressive and lead to realization of a good citizenship. Electoral reforms are among the root measures to eradicate the loopholes in democratic set up. Above all the representation i.e. the meaning of an elected Government is “to be the best one, choose the best one”

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