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A busy world

It is said, that if you laugh the whole world will laugh with you, but if you cry you will be alone. If we want others to be happy, we should be happy. But it is easy to say than done
This world is full of pains and miseries. Every now and then we come face to face to problems. Happiness and peace of mind are very difficult to find. As we see that this world is of science and technology. New inventions have provided us useful and comfortable items. To achieve all the luxuries of life we are always on our toes. It is the time of competition. All the time we struggle to earn more and to achieve more, the struggle and hard work do pay we succeed , we get a high status , a good position in society
But the question is that ,are we happy now? Do we have the peace of mind? Get the time to enjoy all the luxuries .NO with capital N and capital O. In spite of the comforts, the life is full stress, we are upset about something. This state of mind results in some ailments , like high blood pressure, hypertention, diabetes, depression and sleeplessness Sometimes the depression soars and one attempts suicide. This is very tragic. I agree that in some ailments there are some genetic factors also. But thanks to television and medicines, we can find some solution. There are so many ways to live a happy normal life. We should have a healthy way of living. Getting up early in the morning cleanliness ,healthy nutritious food and a regular check ups from a good doctor, should be included in our daily schedule. Sparing sometime to ourselves and family will boost our mood and make our life much better.

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