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Betrayal and Hope

I feel so empty,
as if i have lost my soul,
the reason to live.
Even though everyone's here,
i am lonely without that person
and the cold stares puts me down.
My heart beats,
I breathe,
But its just for the sake
Because my reason to live has left me betrayed
But its the trust that i have
and the hope that's still intact
that maybe one day, we will be together
Without carrying about what the world will say,
Without thinking about anything
But just the thought of that person,
brings a smile to my face.
And again a tear trickles down.
As those memories flash through my mind,
when i am betrayed,
but am not willing to accept.
Maybe its the filling of desiring someone,
someone i want to care for,
laugh with in good times,
be the shoulder in harsh times
But till the the dawn rises,
the truth sets in me,
I am betrayed and am alone,
even with a crowd around me.

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Sufala Baisya


Assam ,  INDIA

I believe in living every second of our life. I am a little crazy, a jolly and a happy soul. I want to make as many freinds as possible and create as many memories with them as possible. I love writing(especially when i am sad). well, thats all about me!!

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