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Tomorow is a new life

I am no Writer,and i didnt learn any kind of ornamental writing to present my thoughts and feelings. Because whatever i right is what i feel. I am not very old enough, so i am not very experienced as well. But i know english, and i know my feelings(well most of the the times!).So here's i am writing what i m thinking at hte moment:

As i mentioned i am not very old. I am just 16 now and going to be 17 in another two months.
People says that we learn the lessons of life as we grow. I did learn a lesson! i learnt a very simple lesson that broke me somehow, yet made me strong. Now i know that nothing is permanent in life. Either it is a dress, a dish, a school or a Companion! We meet many companion in this walk through life. but none is a permanent companion. nor our father, neither our spouse. And a freind? well, even thats a no.
Becuase as we move on in life we come across different terrains, with different people. Everyday we get a new life. Cause what we had yesterday can be remembered with a sigh, but cannot be relived. We get some companions whom we want to hold on to. we dont want to let it go. But we can never win against destiny!
They live with us in the back of our mind forever. But its just that. so i think all we got to do is make as many companions as possible, spent as much time as possible, create so many memories that our memory space will have a red signal at a point of time. we just need to enjoy every freaking second of this life. Both bad and good times. Cause tomorow is going to be a new life!

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Sufala Baisya


Assam ,  INDIA

I believe in living every second of our life. I am a little crazy, a jolly and a happy soul. I want to make as many freinds as possible and create as many memories with them as possible. I love writing(especially when i am sad). well, thats all about me!!

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