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I am a GIRL : What is my PRICE???

After the Delhi Gang rape case, many have spoken about girls' being raped and molested and their emotions. But i just don't want to start there. Because for me the issue does not start with a woman or a girl getting raped. Let me just start with the fact that the division of being a 'MERE GIRL' in our society starts from the time of birth itself. Most of the Indian Families still want a boy child . Even though many families have girl child, but the celebration is always a little less than, if it was a boy. Why wouldn't it be??? Its just a 'mere girl' child. From the very childhood, a sister will be given a doll to play with, whereas the brother will be given a car. That's how it starts. Be it in the dressing, behavior or what they prefer as their hobbies. Girls are always made to feel weak and dependent on their fathers, brothers,husbands. Why???? Till today it is seen in well-to- do families girls are not allowed for their higher education whereas their brothers are sent abroad. Why?? Because they will get married and leave the family. Why to waste money on her education when we have to wed her off. Yes, exactly this is the people's thought even in the 21st century. Dowry. Another business for people where daughters' are sold to the husbands family according to the husbands job or educational qualification.
So, in today's world girls' have to pay a price for everything.Even with that many of the women and girls' have to face much more than that. Sexual abuse like molestation,rape, domestic violence and even marital rape leaves a stain in a women's life. Its easy to sympathies with a victim. But that's all we can do. SYMPATHIES. The dreaded memory cannot be remove with sympathy, the constant fear cannot be taken away with sympathy, the mental depression and psychological disorders cannot be cured with sympathy. But still we Indians have got only sympathy. Many yet blames it on the women and her dressing. Why??? A women in saree also gets raped, not just a girl with shorts. Its the mentality of people that needs to be changed ,not the clothes..
We need something solid and strong for them, enough with the sympathies. We need to give support for each one of them to fight that battle. We need to give them that strength and courage, to make them feel that they are not alone. So that one day, they can look back with pride in their eyes that they had moved on and made a life, even after such an unfortunate incident. That she survived the worst. Trust me that will make a difference. Just sympathies makes a victim feel more sick and vulnerable. We say "i can understand what she and her family is going through". I say that as BULLSHIT! No we don't understand. We cannot understand because we have not gone through that hell, nor did our sister or daughter or mother or wife. No we don't understand. Of course we know that it is the worst time anyone can have but we don't really feel the pain of it, until it is with someone close.
India worships goddesses. But it is in the same country where women has to pay this kind of price.
Its time to stand up for all of them who happened to be a victim of these crimes and help them to become a SURVIVOR from a VICTIM.

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