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The Questions of the Chapter

Why am i in the same page??
Why am i reading the lines over and over??
Why am i trying to find another meaning out of all these lines??
Why am i searching for another meaning??
I know whats written
And the lines are crystal clear
Then why does my heart insist to get another answer??
Why do I want to stay in this very page??
Am i faking about moving to the last page??
But why would i do that?
Am i scared??
To accept the truth
But what is the truth?
I know the story took a different route
I know that people change
Then why am i still liking the starting??
I am in the cliimax of the story
but i don't want the story to finish yet
But am I am going with the flow
I know its going to be a tragic end
But my heart is still hoping for a miracle,
To change it into a happy one.
The last query lingers in my mind
Will I be satisfied with the ending??
Guess not!!
Do i have another option??
No again,
But its worth reading.
So, I decied to end this chapter
With a tear in my eyes, a smile on my lips
And a lesson for life.

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Assam ,  INDIA

I believe in living every second of our life. I am a little crazy, a jolly and a happy soul. I want to make as many freinds as possible and create as many memories with them as possible. I love writing(especially when i am sad). well, thats all about me!!

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