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Bhopal and Bhopali

Bhopali is a vernacular form of Hindustani language spoken primarily in bhopal. On the streets of bhopal, people form every part of bhopal from Sukhi Sewaniya to Ghorha Nikkas add to the already messed up vocabulary of Bhopali> the language emerged from the old part of the city, and is mainly spoken by the residents here, although the residents of new city also acknowledge it.
Bhopali is more influenced by the "paan" eating habits of bhopal(residents) and sounds like a very crude version of hindi. Words have been polished to make them sound very smooth. For example words ending with "AAN",such as pahalwaan, khan etc. are spoken with nasal accent. similarly, the word "raha" used in conjunction with verbs, is spoken as "RIYA". e.g. kar riya hai, aa riya hai, ja riya hai. etc. On the other hand, some words are extended than their normal use.
The language is spoken in a lyrical way which gives it a very comical intonation. Bhopal is famous for three things "PARDA/ ZARDA/ GARDA". The first of the three words"parda" is for symbolizing the old tradition of having Burqa clad ladies which you will come across in scores on the streets of bhopal.The second "zarda" symbolizes yet another tradition of chewing tobacco with paan, which is in vogue till today. You still can find paan stalls all over the city in scores. The third "garda" is for dusty roads one came across in the old days of yore. A famous dish of bhopal is "Bun Kabab" along with "namak wali chai", easily available on the streets of old city, these small eateries are a meeting point for many.Among other favourite dishes is "kamar bhai ka paya soup" & "bade ki biryaani" found at chatori gali.
(with due apology to all true "BHOPALITES")

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