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Helping the music fraternity find its way!

The music community in India needs a lot of guidance and support. Without this, budding artists and bands will not have any chance of sustaining a career. Add to that, making it big in this industry remains a dream to many a musician. This is where we come in!

I am delighted to inform you that we have formed an online music business consultancy service MusicBizPro in India. The company intends to offer consulting services and business to the independent artists and bands worldwide. It will help artists build their musical careers. That’s not all – Tailor made solutions are also provided to labels, managers, musicians, songwriters, composers, lyricists and anyone related to this field.

At present, there is no such online consulting firm; available in India, and therefore, it might be the first of its kind and exclusive. I visualize it to be “a one stop shop”, for the artist seeking advice & business under one umbrella. In order to ensure success in the proposed venture, we have collaborated with various ancillary companies and artists from India and abroad with a view to providing a complete package. These services may include: artist development, marketing, publishing, distribution, press and promo kits, website design etc.

We have a dedicated team of experts who have years of experience in the music industry both in India and abroad and who are capable of resolving any query related to the music business. This support in itself is priceless with the music industry being a competitive place.

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