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Leaving your City in the Dark

Anger spread like poison in the blood,
The venomous fangs of her,
Bitten and forgotten every minute..
The cheeks flushed, heart burned,
The morbid desires of being close,
Never happened in any fortnight.
Lost in the strange city,
Anonymous to the known faces,
I hardly speak and hardly could smile,
When everyone see me grinning,
Showing white teeth like absolute bunny.
Obsessed by the single picture,
Possessive for single soul of society,
The glasses started shrinking,
Turning more of spherical,
Both shortsightedness and farsightedness,
Fixing her at particular distance for vivid vision,
I can't come close, I don't even let distances grew...

Chopped words, carved gestures,
Diplomatic replies and many a times silence plays better.
Loose lipped heart slipping between her eyes and my loose tongue,
Chromes of layers and layers of unexpressed love,
Some morbid dead emotions and her connotations,
The silent conspiracy of fading away from your life,
Resting caged cardiac in the cradle,
Perplexed I,
Leaving your city in the dark,
Leaving your city this midnight.

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Swati Shobha Sevlani


Madhya Pradesh ,  INDIA

I traveled a long way to see my dreams and slept many years to dream them again and again but I am always confused about one thing.

What is real and what is not real? Is it just a plasma screen or real plasma in the cell of life? A real scene or sequences of some missing reel?

And yes, we all are sandwiched between the joy and agony of life.
So, keep moving on! :) :)

I rarely scribble and sometimes more frequently and it's always nice to get connected to everyone on this innovative platform. 

You can read more about me at "Phoenix Reborn".


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