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A Woman Indeed

It was six yards of secrets,
She tied round herself.
Layers under layers,
Pleats under pleats,
Secretive, lucrative and
Mysterious indeed.

Balancing her auras on
Six inches of heals.
A charismatic walk,
generous heart.
Moving, alluring,
Smiling and gracious indeed.

Long hairs and waxed body,
Each stoma of skin is saccharine.
Enclosing million stories
And appears peeled.
The curves itself are secret,
So is your adipose fat indeed.

What entire world sees
Is a lie, sometimes.
So are the things,
Around you, ladies shy!
Well acquainted with
The shortcomings indeed.

I know, you are not identified,
With the things you wear and shed.
You carry us, every li’l soul,
On the planet, inside the home.
For none else can reproduce,
You are a woman indeed.

I saw you once, searching food,
When almost everyone was done.
And you slept embracing yourself,
With the kohl wet, leaving the corners of eyes.
And you smiled on subsequent dawn,
And waved us bye!

I saw you overflowed, overjoyed,
May be as secretion of oxytocin.
The vulnerable yang,
Scattered o’er the bed.
And you never let again,
That pigments fade.

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Swati Shobha Sevlani


Madhya Pradesh ,  INDIA

I traveled a long way to see my dreams and slept many years to dream them again and again but I am always confused about one thing.

What is real and what is not real? Is it just a plasma screen or real plasma in the cell of life? A real scene or sequences of some missing reel?

And yes, we all are sandwiched between the joy and agony of life.
So, keep moving on! :) :)

I rarely scribble and sometimes more frequently and it's always nice to get connected to everyone on this innovative platform. 

You can read more about me at "Phoenix Reborn".


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