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You my Son Forever....

( lines by mother to his Son )

The winds may carry many instincts to you,
But letters are in my store... locked forever.
Detained from world and Sweetheart,
The sound of doctor always calls.
Conceal I am, playing hide and seek,
As you used to Hide in Cupboard of mine.
Thou telling me about my belonging feel,
The touch your words Reveal.
I can feel the pain when conceived you,
Was Sweetest and easy to bear.
You my world and so were joyous tears.
Cells replicating in my body,
As memories embodied.
Some says Benign or malignant,
Or whatsoever…
You throw me out was tormenting,
Many with me, Angels are here.
Though no letter will be send to you,
When I pass away.
As I m already in your Wall with Garland Over there….
Winds may give instincts to you,
But, my letters will be locked forever…
Embarked words on Cross over coffin,
I was never your mother,
You my son forever…

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Swati Shobha Sevlani


Madhya Pradesh ,  INDIA

I traveled a long way to see my dreams and slept many years to dream them again and again but I am always confused about one thing.

What is real and what is not real? Is it just a plasma screen or real plasma in the cell of life? A real scene or sequences of some missing reel?

And yes, we all are sandwiched between the joy and agony of life.
So, keep moving on! :) :)

I rarely scribble and sometimes more frequently and it's always nice to get connected to everyone on this innovative platform. 

You can read more about me at "Phoenix Reborn".


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