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Thoughts to Pour

Sacrifices after Sacrifices,
Adjustments after Adjustments,
Tears after Pain,
Demands after Desires.
The Unending Human Demands
And Unending Unsatisfied Supply!

Lost Lasting Prayers,
When Turns to Objects,
And Faith Arises
After Heartbreaks.
The Favors comes,
With Beast and the War.
The Tongue Tied
Speaks Loud in Silence.
The Lighten Room
While Midnight.
The Rejection
Happens only in Love.
The Acceptance Occurs
Only in Drugs.

The Apathy is Empathy now,
The sympathy is Gaining now.
The Words have killed their Effect,
The Superficial Pseudo Impact.

Thoughts of the Things,
Never Existed Before.
Blind Human not Ready to
See the Real Concourse.
Poetry is Least Sell,
However more Preferred.

Old Wine kept Behind
All the Curtains.
Red is the Seductive
And White is Serene.
Then Why White Wine,
Over Red one.

People Love but
They never Trust.
Although, Trust loss,
Is Love Loss.

Devastating Floods,
Quakes and Cracks.
Lonely Nights and
Grunting Wolves.
Barking Dogs and
Unseen Moon.
Transparent Sun
And Late Mornings.
Fatigue, Engrossed,
And Calm Defined.

Books are Old,
Advises are New.
Versions and Updates,
Author Remains the Same.

Thought to Pour,
Served in Porcelain.
Pepper, Chilly Flakes,
And Uneaten Food.


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About The Author


Swati Shobha Sevlani


Madhya Pradesh ,  INDIA

I traveled a long way to see my dreams and slept many years to dream them again and again but I am always confused about one thing.

What is real and what is not real? Is it just a plasma screen or real plasma in the cell of life? A real scene or sequences of some missing reel?

And yes, we all are sandwiched between the joy and agony of life.
So, keep moving on! :) :)

I rarely scribble and sometimes more frequently and it's always nice to get connected to everyone on this innovative platform. 

You can read more about me at "Phoenix Reborn".


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