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A couple of years back my classmates of school days came together and formed a Google group on the net so that we could all stay in touch with one another. It started with a motley group of fifteen guys and became hundred strong in a short span of time. A sense of euphoria and nostalgia overcame many of us and deluge of mails staring pouring in from all across the globe, where the classmates were located. Most of the people started with the introduction of their families, the new countries they now lived in, new citizenship, homes and positions of exaltation each one had accumulated post school. I watched the deluge in awe and remained a mute spectator for quite some time.

I wondered what to write about myself. I had done decent post school and by now had a family like most of the boys, a wife, some kids and a country to boast about. But the greater opportunity of meeting familiar minds with a purpose constantly pushed me to come up with a message in my introduction. One realized that the school and the town where we studied once could offer us a mission to accomplish. That very mission would bond and hold us all together. The idea was to share our resources and start an NGO to pool in money and fund the education of needy students in and around Bhopal. Since we had come together after 25 years of school leaving, initiating twenty five scholarships with this NGO could have gone a long way in offering a meaning and purpose to our association.

I wrote so in my introduction.

All of a sudden the mails stopped coming in. With the exception of one or two mails hailing the idea there remained a deathly silence on the subject. I wondered what went wrong.

After a lull of few days, someone came up with a bright idea of celebrating the silver jubilee celebration (read chicken and whiskey Party) of our passing out on a grand scale and invited opinions. Immediately the mails started pouring in again offering ideas of how to go about the event and ensuring massive participation.

I was forced to become a spectator once again.

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